On the pursuit to catalyze joy and peace through the most powerful weapon, the movement of words.

 This space is a playpen for my thoughts to linger, marinate and hopefully spark more love and light into your heart.✨

4 rules to slayyyy shit done

1. Trust your gut
The only opinion that truly matters is your own. When we start making decisions based on our own desire and not what we think we should be doing we start to clear up space in my brain for more creativity and possibility. Stop caring what other people think. Yes you can ask people you respect for their opinions but ultimately you are in control of your decisions and how you react to them. This is AMAZING because we are in complete control of our happiness. 

2. Keep it simple boo

Don't overthink or complicate. Sometimes the answers are simplest and right underneath our nose. Start to notice what you got and use that. Don't reinvent the wheel, you can add some glitter to yours though (: 

3. Know your end goal

With any project, new situation,  relationship know what you want at the end. You need to be able to see very clearly what your vision is. If you don't know what you want, how do you know if you're moving in the right direction. Make a vision board on pinterest or paper. Start visualizing how you will feel when you get there but be grateful for what you have in this moment.

4. Know your purpose

When the tension builds up and it will because its stimulating you to grow, you can't run away. We're going to want to, its  natural fight or flight reaction but we need train our mind and body to get excited when things start to heat up. This is when the fun starts and you can test your purpose. Being so rooted in your purpose helps you get stronger and brings you more energy. The feeling after surviving something that you think would knock you down brings you so much clarity and drive to push forward. Whatever comes its an opportunity to be bold & brave. But know when you're bringing yourself down that rabbit hole of doubt & fear. Try to catch yourself before that happens by breathing deeply with intention and repeating your purpose everyday. 

Here is mine:
Purpose - to catalyze joy & strength through movement. 
End goal - to make room for freedom in my life that allows me share my gifts & help others share theirs 🦄 

5. Do what sets your soul on 🔥

Do what you makes you feel so alive and happy you can't stop thinking about it. Something that makes you so energize content and makes you lose track of time. When we don't we get pulled into situations that distract us and drain our energy. Find the people, environment, project, job whatever it is that makes you so excited and stickwith it girrrrrrl. I BELIEVE IN YOUUUUUU!!

Ask yourself would your 9 year old self be proud of the person you are in the moment in time?  If not what is that one thing we need to add into our lives and one thing we need to let go of to get closer to that person?

Words lie
Actions can lie too but
Consistency speaks the truth. 


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