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Why we need Mindful Stability Training

Hunched shoulders from texting, tight hip flexors from sitting, press of a button for anything and everything, this is the world we live in. With the growth of technology and automation its no wonder people are becoming less active and less healthy. BUT there is the other extreme. Groups of super active, hyper fitness driven always looking for their next workout high. Its not to say its bad or good, but to ask the question "Is our routine now contributing to the future we want?"

What is known for sure is that musculoskeletal pain is more common now than it was 40 years ago. Too much or too little activity may lead to muscular dysfunction, imbalance and injuries. Wherever we see ourselves in the future, I don't think we want to be injured. One answer? Mindful Stability Training.

Mindfulness, as I define it the ability to connect with whatever we're doing in the present moment. Where we start to connect with ourselves and the activity we're doing and not letting our mind wander on which Talenti gelato flavor we finish writing this post 😆

Stabilization training is like the foundation of house. Strong and firm. The floor must be set before we can add the levels of strength and power. It helps us create more control over our bodies by challenging our balance in unstable environments. It helps develop more coordination, joint function, increase flexibility, better posture and most importantly helps you feel like a ninja. KYAAAAAA. Do ninjas make sounds? hmmmm.

The key is to create situations where we're off balance so we force our brain to think about how our bodies are moving and not moving on autopilot. This must be also done all with proper form or it could negative impact us. 

Single Leg Squats
Ball Bridges
Pushups on a Ball
Single Leg Cable Pull Downs

Remember to start off with low risk situations. You can ask a friend to hold the ball while you do push ups on them. Cuz ya know true friends hold your balls 😏  Maybe your legs are just staggered before lifting one leg up. We all had to start crawling before we could fly. 

Whatever you do safety first boos. Slow + Steady win your race 🐢  

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